Congrats to our “That Poet is Dope” winners!

1st Place – Jaylin Johnson – Sandia Highschool

2nd Place – LLuvia Tafoya – Public Academy for Performing Atrs

3rd Place – Ashima Burns – Native American Community Academy

If you weren’t there that night, you missed one of the most magical nights of poetry in Albuquerque! The youth poets did not come to play. They came to create magic on the mic as they spoke truth to power about identity, trauma, perseverance, resiliency, home and acceptance. Congratulations to all of our 16 winners who earned their spot to perform and compete for cash prizes, but more importantly congratulations on becoming a published poet at such a young age! Out of 45 submissions, the 16 poets were chosen to be center stage at the “That Poet is Dope” Youth Poetry Slam.

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