How poetry tackles the social issues.

This portion of our website helps our readers understand how we as a non profit and community of activists and educators contribute to the fight for justice for the communities we serve daily. We as artists and writers bring awareness to these issues by speaking up. 



Following our young leaders in the National Climate Strike

When young leaders ask you to use your poetic powers for good, you say yes! Burque Revolt was thrilled to host the Expression Session Poetry Slam and Open Mic as apart of the Global Climate Strike.  ABQ showed up for the national strike with hundreds of people marching and raising awareness not only at the strike and protest, but at multiple events held through out the week scheduled and organized by Fight for our Lives ABQ. Both the rally and the strike were filled with passionate words and serious demands for change. Our mother earth is important to us and we followed our young fearless leaders to the streets for a week of protests, plus lead and facilitated our own resistance by throwing an open mic and poetry slam themed “protecting mother earth”. 71487395_10219561988617725_5654315073565360128_n71379200_10219561987337693_7363253908916928512_n70395532_10219518831258818_2859958013043671040_n70705176_10219561989897757_1454219512030167040_n70982509_10219518567252218_2314029238354706432_n







Burque Revolt teaches Resilience at Press Well Fest 2019!

What does resilience mean to you? No two answers are exactly the same. Especially when you answer using poetry that means something to you. Burque Revolt had the honor and privilege of hosting a resilience slam and workshop at Press Well Fest 2019, a festival that celebrates wellness for all Presbyterian Hospital Employees. We were honored with the opportunity to bring poetry to a demographic that is not usually exposed to the spoken word community in Albuquerque. We had the chance to teach resilience and poetry as a form of medicine.

Employees across the state were asked to partake in a poetry workshop lead by some of our most experienced poets and community members. We then asked employees to submit their poetry to our poetry submission contest where we picked the top six poets to compete and share their stories of resilience in front of a live audience at Press Well Fest in front of co workers, colleagues, family and friends! It was a day of understanding and recognizing resilience in it’s many shapes and forms!

Thanks Press Well Fest! We hope to be invited next year!





By Mercedez Holtry

Abortion isn’t easy. We’ve faced this battle of morality many times. As if it’s not already imperative that we alter the way we look, speak, dress and behave in all settings to survive and appease this patriarchy of a world; We as women also have to fight for the one thing that should never be questioned as to weather it belongs to us or not. Our bodies and the reproductive rights that come with them.

My mother who gave birth to me at the young age of 19, would be the prime example of what conservatives call “paying for your mistakes”. My mother never considered me a mistake. In fact, I’m often referred to as her best accomplishment. However, no two women’s stories are the same.

For Eva Crespin, abortion was never an easy choice.

“I wrote the poem about abortion from and because of personal experience. When I was 19 I had an abortion. And when I deal with painful emotions, writing and performing is how I deal with it.”

Eva and I have been performing poetry in the Albuquerque community since we were 17 years old. When I asked her why it’s important we write a poem about this trivialized and complex issue she responded,

“I think it’s important to share my story so that maybe it helps some women feel heard, it would help them not feel so alone. I also want other people who have never experienced this to understand that this choice is not made easily.”

In 2016, Eva and I performed a duet at the National Poetry Slam Group Piece Finals in Decatur, Georgia titled “Abortion” addressing the outlandish and inaccurate statements made by men put in power by politics as well at the gruesome judgment we as women receive for making the right choices for ourselves.

For Eva, bringing a baby into the world at the fragile and complicated age of 19 was not the right choice for her.

“Abortion is not just for special circumstances like in cases of rape. Our bodies belong to us, and we get to make a choice. Babies are work and they deserve to have selfless parents who can provide for them both emotionally and financially… People will say there are other options but we have an option too…To decide not to have a baby in circumstances that are not safe or prepared.”

My mother and Eva, were both 19 when they got pregnant and they made choices that changed their lives forever. Both women know now what they knew then. They made the right choice for them. It’s as simple as that, or at least it should be.

Our American government feels quite differently. In 2019,  southern states such as Georgia or Alabama have declared women who seek abortion can be sentenced to actual time in jail.  According to the National Violence Resource Center, one in six women have survived completed or attempted rape in their lifetime. Yet, even in these circumstances, women are forced to continue their pregnancy or face serious consequences in the south. These laws are restrictive, unsafe and a violation of reproductive rights for women.

According to New Mexico Abortion laws, an abortion in New Mexico is lawful if the doctor and facility comply with the abortion licensing requirements and it isn’t a partial-birth abortion (except to save the woman or prevent great bodily harm to her).

Some would say we have it “easy” in New Mexico when it comes to seeking abortion options. Again, the word “easy” and “abortion” have never and will never be synonymous. Ask any woman who has ever even thought of abortion and there is pain that comes with choosing this option, but just because something is painful, doesn’t mean it’s not the right thing to do, for you.

“Unless you are faced with the decision to abort your baby or to keep it; there is not a single person who will understand what having to make this choice FEELS like.” Eva says. “We deserve to make a choice about how our lives are lived and I wanted to convey all of the thoughts that passed through my mind before I made this choice.”



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